Photo Tip: Use a Tripod

This weeks Photo Tip is the piece of advice few photographers want to hear, use a tripod. I am amazed at how often beginners to photography will spend a fortune on a camera and lens and then pull their nose up at a tripod or go for the cheapest they can find.

I will openly admit to not enjoying the carrying of a tripod, but there are benefits to making the sacrifice and carrying this unloved, three legged, potential friend.

In my mind one of the greatest benefits comes not in the form of the stability and sharpness that a tripod offers, rather it comes in the slowing down of the creative procedure. Let me elaborate further. We all know what its like when we come across and exciting scene and our imagination runs wild. We shoot like crazy and then when we look at the images later find they are just not as captivating as we recall the scene being at the time.

By slowing the process down through setting up a tripod, you will find yourself with more time to think, ‘is this the best angle?’ ‘Am I really going to get the quality or color of light I am seeing?’ ‘What more can I do to get the best shot?’

Here’s the challenge. Why not take a weekend and prepare to only shoot with a tripod. Sure there are scenes where one cant always use a tripod, but I think we tend to rationalize a far great number of such cases than is completely truthful. Set yourself the goal to shoot for just one weekend or week with the tripod and see if your images improve. Here is the key though, use a decent tripod, even if you need to higher or borrow one, use a decent tripod.

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We will be sure to compile a Tripod buyers guide in the coming weeks. In the meantime you can view the video below of one of the more exciting tripods we have seen this year.