PhotoComment Podcast Episode 001 – The Beginning

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Welcome to the first of what we hope to be a regular set of videos – or podcast if you so wish – coming from myself and the team of PhotoComment. I’m Tristan Hall, founder of PhotoComment and will be your host from time to time unless you feel we don’t need to look for a more appealing face – I haven’t broken the camera yet.

These videos will vary in frequency depending on what photographic news there is, what we have been sent to review or who we have to interview. We would greatly appreciate your feedback which you can leave in the comments on the Podcast Page.

September Issue of PhotoComment Magazine

If you have not checked it out yet, the September issue of PhotoComment Magazine is live on the website as well as on stockist shelves across South Africa.

Inside this issue we have a Pro Portfolio from Danish photographer Torben Greve. We give our first thoughts on Sony’s recently announced A77, review Canon’s new Speedlite 320EX and a whole lot more.

Be sure to check it out online or find your nearest stockist by going to

Vanguard Tripods

We recently received two Vanguard tripods to review. The first one is the Nivelo 204SL. This little tripod is small enough to fit inside many camera bags and will certainly not break your back when you are carrying it. The Nivelo can extend to roughly waist high and offers a traveller some stability. Aimed more at mirrorless camera owners – meaning the Olympus PENs or Sony NEXs, the tripod is a handly tool but certainly not something to put your Nikon D3s or other camera costing as much as a reasonable used car.

That brings us to our second tripod from Vanguard, the Auctus Plus 323CT. This carbon fibre monster is a heavy duty machine. It may be light compared to other tripods it’s size but don’t be fooled into thinking that because it is made with Carbon Fibre it is light enough to pick up with your pinky finger. Capable of handling 18kg the Auctus Plus can also extend to a huge height, even standing on this B&W Outdoor Case I cannot see over the top.

B&W Outdoor Case

Talking about the B&W Outdoor Case, the September issue of PhotoComment reviews the range of these cases in a more general fashion. While we have it on set perhaps we can take a look at it a little closer. As you just saw this Type 50 Case took the weight of me standing on it fairly well and doesn’t seem to mind the odd impact. Our unit here comes with dividers inside which is our only real area of complaint as the cameras we use seem wider than the space allowed for by the dividers. That said, you can shift them around a bit or get it with the more common high density foam. We are told they keep water out as well but we were not allowed to bring the splash pool inside to test that on this video.


Well that’s it for this first video. Head on over to to tell us what you think of the video or let us know what you would like to see more or less of. Till next time, keep snapping.