PhotoComment Podcast Episode 003 – Sony NEX-7 Hands On, JYC Accessories and Keeping Camera Dry

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Welcome to Episode 3 of PhotoComment podcast. Today we talk about the Sony NEX-7 which we just got our hands on. We also look at two other accessories we just got our hands on, look at the latest news and finally a tip on keeping your camera dry as the summer showers hit Johannesburg.

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This past few weeks have seen some exciting and sad news. Starting with the sad news first, by now most of the world is aware of the passing of Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and possibly the most influential technology person of our time. Steve lost his battle with cancer at the age of 56 and our thoughts go out to all of his loved ones. This news followed just two days after Apple announced the iPhone 4s – which many Apples fans had hoped would be an iPhone 5. To be honest, other than putting a bigger screen on the iPhone 4s I dont know what more people could realisticly expect a new iPhone to have at this time. The iPhone 4 shot to photographic stardom when Flickr announced that it was the most popular camera on their photo sharing site. With the iPhone 4s Apple look set to cement that further by upping the resolution from 5 to 8mp with a Backlit CMOS sensor. The new 5 element lens has an f/2.4 aperture which combined with incredibly quick start up times and minimal delays between pics, makes for a fast camera that could even put some entry level compacts to shame. The iPhone 4s should be available globally before the year is out.

Sony NEX-7

We just got our hands on the new NEX-7 and though we have only had it for a day or so I am already fairly confident I want one. This camera is clearly aimed at the more serious or professional photographer looking for a compact mirrorless camera. It has a built in flash, the same 24mp sensor that is in the A77 and the OLED viewfinder. There are two control dials to control Aperture and Shutter speeds.

The body is fairly bigger than its other siblings but still feels smaller than say Fuji’s X100 and even some other mirrorless cameras out there. It feels really well made. If I have one complaint about it, it would be the lack of a plug for using a cable release on it.

In addition to the tiny – and rather flimsy feeling – pop up flash, the NEX-7 has a Sony Alpha Hotshoe for using the other Sony Alpha flashes on it. We are busy putting it though it’s paces but as I say, my initial feeling is that this could very well be my primary camera as soon as it goes on sale, and I can afford to get one.

JYC Remotes and Radio Slaves

We happened to see some great new products when we visited Fotacs’ office this week. A new range of products they distributing from JYC includes camera accessoried like this new timer remote control – even more exciting – a radio slave for stobist photographers that has a normal hotshoe on one side and an Alpha hot shoe for Sony users on the other You can contact Fotacs – if you based in South Africa – on +27 12 653 0775 for your nearest stockist.

Tip or Tutorial

Two things inspired my tip or tutorial if you wish for this show. First was a recent post on by Candice Peetz entitled “I don’t Care if the Sun don’t Shine” and the first Highveld Thunder storm kicking off summer for us here in Johannesburg. In short here is a tip on keeping your camera dry without breaking the bank on expensive camera raincoats.

Get a big ziplock bag. Cut a corner off just smaller than the front of your lens. With the UV filter off your lens, pull the plastic over till it is just out of the way of your picture and screw the filter back on with the edge of the plastic hole getting between the filter and the lens’ thread.

For an even more secure option get a rubber lens hood leave the UV filter on screwing the hood on in the way we have used the filter in this demonstration. That will allow a little extra protection for your lens if you worried about it.

In the end this is not a sure way to keep your camera dry in a very heavy shower so take care, but I hasn’t let me down when used in lighter rain.


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