PhotoComment Podcast Episode 004 – November Issue Round Up and Gift Ideas

Apologies for the delay in this podcast going live, as you will hear in this episode, we have been moving offices at Comment Media (our mother company) and that caused a little hiccup. Good news is that the next episode will be recorded in the new studio. Enjoy this episode till then.

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Welcome to Episode 4 of PhotoComment podcast. In this show we look inside the November issue of PhotoComment magazine,

November Issue of PhotoComment Magazine

The November issue of PhotoComment Magazine is now on the shelves and read to read online as well. Inside you will find a great Professional Portfolio of Eric Palmer who photographs extreme sports. Well worth checking out. We also review the Olympus XZ-1 and give you some great gift ideas for the festive season.

To find the nearest stockist of the magazine in South Africa head on over to our website or read it online too. If you want to get the magazine deliver to your post box each month you can pay for postage on the site with a local and international postage option available depending on where you are in the world.


Some news items we wanted to raise this week. Canon have been on new release fire. First they announced the new EOS-1D X which is set to merge their to top end model into one. The new body will offer an 18mp full frame sensor (less mp than the 1Ds Mk III’s 21mp and larger sensor than the 1.3x crop sensor on the 1D mk IV). The ISO will go up to 204,800 with a frame rate of 14fps in manual focus and 12fps in autofocus.

A few weeks later came the announcement of the Canon C300 which is an HD video or cine camera available with an EOS or PL lens mount configuration. It seems Canon where aiming at the RED type camera market with this machine however later that day RED struck back with their new Scarlet X camera which shoots in a much higher resolution 4K video and shoots 5K stills. All of this may very well make for a show on it’s own so if you want us to dive into it more please let us know so we can do so.

Gift Guide

We haven’t got any new gear to review this week though we are hoping to get hands on with the new Fuji X10 and Nikon V1 in the coming weeks. In the mean time we thought we could share with you some gift ideas which you can also find inside the November issue of the magazine, but to save those of you who might not wish to read here are just a few ideas.


New gear is always exciting and when that new gear opens up a whole new view of the world that is just magical. The new Lensbaby range of Portrait kits it just the perfect idea to give you a new creative lease on life. For those in South Africa you can find your nearest stockist by contacting M-Photo on (021)465-6355

Fuji Instax

Film is DEAD! Long live film!
Thankfully film is not completely dead yet, despite Kodak’s troubles, and one film that mixes tradition with instant gratification we crave in this digital world is the Polaroid like Fuji Instax. Great for snaps on Christmas day, just remember though, each picture costs you money. Check with you local Foto First store if you want one in SA.

PhotoComment Subscription

Another great gift idea in our totally unbiased opinion is a postage subscription for PhotoComment magazine so you never miss an issue if other people get to your local shop before you can grab the latest issue. You can head to our website and hit the subscribe menu for both local and international postage options.


That brings us to the end of this second show. Remember that you can send your feedback on the website or find us on Twitter @photocomment or

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