Book Review: Chasing Reflections by Eli Reinholdtsen

One of my favourite photographs, of which I am not sure I have many (I am my worst critic), is an image I took of a sheet of glass on the roof of a new building in Johannesburg. It captivates one as you look at one is essentially two images as one.

For this reason I was drawn to the latest eBook release by Craft & Vision called “Chasing Refection” by Eli Reinholdtsen. Not only is the book filled with images of magnificent reflections, but you are taken on a journey of creative discovery and instruction on how to shoot your own reflection photography. Truly this book keeps with the Craft & Vision slogan of “Spend $5. Improve your craft. (buy less gear)”. If you would like to purchase the book then head on over to Craft And Vision.