Canon EOS 60D – First Impressions

Over the weekend I got to play very briefly with Canon’s EOS 60D at the Photo & Film Expo 2010. I thought there may be readers out there that are interested to know my thoughts on it.

Much has been written – by ourselves included – about what looked like Canon’s failing to carry over the 40D/50D DNA to the new EOS 60D. When one looks at it spec wise Canon really have tried to make it fit in between their EOS 7D and the consumer EOS 550D.

The biggest concern seems to have been around the plastic body that is now the EOS 60D and so I was worried when I spotted it on that stand. Picking it up things changed a bit.

First the camera is still nicely sized and maintains the size factor really that many know from the 50D. While the body is not made from all the same heavy duty material many had hoped for, the EOS 60D is by no means flimsy either. It feels good in the hand, and capable. Some of the layout in terms of controls have been a change which looks promising. We hope to bring a full review soon.