Quick eBook Review: eyePhone: Making Stronger Photographs with Your Camera Phone

Announced yesterday, “eyePhone: Making Stronger Photographs with Your Camera Phone” by AL SMITH is the latest Craft And Vision. eBook out for your reading pleasure. As someone who increasingly advocates the use of cameras in mobile phones, this book had a tremendous appeal to me. Is it worth $5? Read on to find out. Also be sure to check the launch special at the end of the review.

To iPhone, or not to iPhone? That is the Question

While the author is an iPhone shooter, most of what he dives into in this book is relevant to other mobile devices. In fact it is repeatedly stressed that the only thing which really matters is the image. While some of the apps mentioned and accessories spoken of relate to the iPhone, the overall principles of this book can be applied to just about any camera phone.

Something that I a appreciated about this book is the open and unbiased approach to topics which are hotly debated. There is no side taking on whether one should apply filters to your images or not. Nor does the author declare his practice of editing images on the device rather than a PC as the only “true” way to engage in mobile phone photography.

Shoot, Edit, Share.

Essentially the book revolves around these three principles and there are some great tips on each topic. There is no diving into the specifics of different apps and tutorials on how to use them. Rather this book aims to encourage and inspire your own creativity and experimentation.


With fantastic images and an easy read, this book is well worth the $5 price tag, and then some. If it does not inspire you to create more with your mobile then I fear, nothing will.

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