Review: Canon EOS 600D

Picking up the Canon EOS 600D for the first time I was pleasantly surprised. I was not expecting much from the 600D, it being just a step up from entry level in the Canon range. The camera is comfortable to hold and will be familiar to anyone who has used Canon before.


The 600D has Canon’s 18MP APS-C CMOS Sensor and like most new DSLR’s can shoot Full HD video. Canon has been the leader in shooting video on a DSLR with the 5D MkII probably being the most common model used. This technology has filtered down and the video shooting is great.

You get all the standard exposure modes that we have become used to on a consumer DSLR. A bonus which is becoming popular is the creative filters which can be applied to the photographs in camera, after capturing the image.

A great feature which is built into this model is the wireless flash control. This allows you to trigger compatible flashes off camera while still getting the benefits of TTL.

Performance and Handling

I was happy with the overall speed and response from the 600D. I have 2 gripes with the 600D in the handling department.

Firstly you have to change the camera into movie mode on the mode dial in order to shoot video which is clumsy and time consuming. A dedicated movie record button that allows you to shoot video in any mode would be nice.

Secondly the flip out screen gets in the way. I don’t think there is a perfect way to have a fold out screen but this is the worst one I have worked with. The screen is attached on a hinge on the left side of the screen which allows you to fold it out on the left hand side of the camera. First problem is that is only folds out about 170 degrees so it is at a funny angle. Second problem is that now your lens and your screen are not pointing in the same direction. It may only be about 10 degrees but it does make tracking a subject on the screen harder than when the screen and the lens line up.


This is a good camera at a reasonable price. It has a lot of features that have not been seen on a camera at this price point from Canon before. It will be great for anyone starting out in photography or wanting to test the waters of video on a DSLR.