Review: Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera

The Drift Innovation X170 Action Camera is cool. Lets just start there. It is a camera for shooting whatever it is you happen to be doing at the time. Quite literally if you can think of something extreme you want to make a video of the X170 can capture it for you.

The first thing I noted when opening the box was all the accessories. It comes standard with handlebar, helmet and goggle mounts as well as the necessary usb and video cables for viewing your awesome footage. The cherry on top is the remote control for stopping and starting the recording. It can attach to a

wrist strap and be worn like a watch and has big chunky buttons so that they are easy to push even when wearing gloves.

The camera itself is very well made and a lot of thought went into its production. It is  one the few cameras in this class to have an LCD screen, it is tiny don’t get me wrong, but at least it is there. The LCD can be used for setting up the camera and helps you make sure the shot is framed just right, then you can immediately review your footage. You may say this is unnecessary, but we all know you are itching to see that footage and don’t want to wait until you get home. The LCD turns off after a few seconds of recording to save battery and so that you don’t get tempted to be watching the screen rather than where you are going.  The X170 also features a built in microphone and loudspeaker for recording your screams of delight, the rattle of the chain or the roar of the engine.

The genius piece of engineering in this camera is the lens and sensor, now the lens and sensor are nothing special, the lens is scratch resistant and the camera has a 5MP sensor, what is genius is the that the lens and sensor assembly swivels inside the body of the camera.

Cool, so what?

If you have ever tried to setup a camera like this before you will know that your car or bike etc doesn’t have a nice flat place to attach the camera to, one would think the designers of these bikes etc would be more considerate, but you always end up with the camera at an angle, or the perfect place to mount the camera would give you a portrait orientation video, not so cool when you get it onto your tv, unless you like holding you head sideways? The lens on the X170 swivels through just less than 360 degress, this give you infinite setup possibilities and if you can get the camera into the perfect position you probably shouldn’t be filming that!

The unit we tested here was the Standard Definition model, good for DVD quality videos, it is also available in an HD option. The video quality is good and was suprised me was the camera’s ability to handle light changes. Going from bright light into a shaded area the camera responds quickly and adjusts to always have a good exposure.

The X170 uses AA batteries, which although being convenient because you can buy them just about anywhere, always worries me a bit becase they generally don’t do so well in digital cameras. We used a set of decent quality alkaline batteries and recorded for just over 2 hours and the battery level was still showing full, so no problem there. The camera records onto a SD Card which makes life easy as this is fast becoming the standard media for consumer cameras.

The X170 is waterproof to 0.5m so don’t attach it to you Scuba goggles next time you go diving, but is more than  waterproof enough for most other extreme sports even when its raining.

All in all I enjoyed using the camera and would recommend this camera to anyone looking to capture their adventures.

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