Review: Latest Craft & Vision eBook – Exposure for Outdoor Photography by Michael Frye

(Review by Natalie Field)

As the title indicates, this eBook by Frye is all about exposure for outdoor photography.

This read is a short introduction to the fundamentals of photography: exposure, sharpness and ultimately, the message. Referred to by Frye as the “Exposure Triangle”, he covers the basic controls of exposure: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. He also teaches the reader how to select from the camera’s various metering and exposure modes, and to make educated decisions using digital tools like the histogram.

The pace of the eBook changes with the addition of ten practical case studies; illustrated with beautiful examples and explained by means of meter readings and histograms. These studies include situations in which one would expose for high, or low contrast scenes, creative depth of field and motion. As the assignments become more complicated, Frye also briefly touches on techniques such as bracketing, spot metering, Adam’s Zone System and HDR. These studies are interspersed with exercises which are designed for the reader to be able to participate in the image making; following instructions and technical advice on each section, before moving on to the next.

Ultimately, Frye believes that these controls should serve the photographer in order to fully capture his vision. He ends the book with imagery; using creative license to evoke a reaction in the viewer. For the novice, this book is a great introduction to exposure; set out in a way that is easy to grasp, with practical examples and useful exercises. Though the more professional photographer may find it all a little obvious, it never hurts to return to the basics. Either way, Frye’s photography – in itself – is inspirational

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