Review: RS-W1 Black Rapid Camera Sling – Designed for a Woman’s body

BlackRapid Inc is the brainchild of professional photographer Ron Henry, as a solution to tangled camera straps, neck pain and to improve speed of use. The RS-W1 camera sling goes one step further – the S-shape strap is specially designed to fit the female body. You know what I mean – it fits snugly between our… assets!

The actual strap is soft and padded and rests on your shoulders rather than your neck, effectively transferring the weight of your camera to a much more comfortable position.

The sling is worn across your chest, with the camera hanging upside down at your hip. I love the fact that the camera rests at the same height as your hand (when your arms are casually by your side). This makes for super fast access, with just one smooth gliding movement to bring the camera to your eye.

Movable stoppers called bumpers prevent your camera from sliding to far backwards, or can be used to lock the camera into position.

The camera is attached by a Fastener, which screws into the tripod socket of the camera. The Fastener links to a Connector, a unique BlackRapid devise that enables movement, and ensures safety of your camera.

The only concern I had was that the strap connects to the tripod socket. So what happens when you quickly need to mount your camera onto your tripod? Well, our friends at BlackRapid have just released a dual-purpose fastener, which can either connect the camera to the strap, or to your tripod.

Wedding photographers out there – be sure to check out the BlackRapid Double strap , the ultimate accessory for two camera shooters.

BlackRapid is distributed in South Africa by Tandem Focus ) For more information contact Tristan Hall on 084 465 0195.

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