Review: Samsung HMX-Q10BP Camcorder

I have to start off by saying that I am not a big fan of small video cameras. They are generally either too small to hold comfortably and are always too basic for my liking. Enter the Samsung Q10BP. At first I thought this would be just another small video camera that is going to annoy me, but I was pleasantly suprised. This Samsung camcorder is comfortable to use and has just enough manual functionality to keep me happy.


While the Samsung may be a small camera it has a lot of features you don’t expect to find on a model like this one. The most important one to me is manual control over white balance. This means that not only can you choose from the presets but it has a custom white setting which is set by selecting this function and aiming the camera at the surface which should be white. Another nice feature is manual focus control.

The Samsung shoots video in Full HD (1920×1080) at 50 fps and can also shoot 4.9MP stills. The camera has an optical image stabiliser, backside illuminated CMOS sensor and a Schneider 10x optical zoom lens to ensure consistent quality results.

Perfomance and Handling

One of the major selling points on this camera (especially if you are left handed) is that this camera has what Samsung call a ‘Switch Grip.’ Basically this means that you can hold the camera in either hand. I think every camera be it still or video that I have ever picked up is designed to be held in your right hand. This camera while it’s basic design holds true to this tradition has a trick up it’s sleeve. The body is shaped symmetrically so that when you hold it your left hand the camera is still comfortable to hold. The record start\stop button and zoom control are located in the center of the back of the camera so that it can be operated in exactly the same way whichever hand you hold it in. The only drawback I found to this is that the zoom can be a bit more tricky to operate and takes a little getting used to. This is because you would normally operate the zoom with your index finger and now you operate it with your thumb.

This camera is very small and will be unobtrusive in most jackets or handbags making it much easier to carry around with you. This brings us back to one of my favourite quotes, that a good camera is the one that you have with you when need to use it. My only complaint here is that the hand strap was designed for people with small hands. The strap is just for extra security against dropping the camera but even without using the strap the camera will fit comfortably into everyones hand.


While I stated earlier that I don’t like small video cameras this one might just start to change my mind. It is a great lightweight, small video camera that you can get quality video from at anytime.