Review: The b-grip, Toss Your Camera Strap


You may recall a little while ago we said that we received a b-grip to review. Well with our Pretoria CBD Photo Walk the perfect opportunity to review the b-grip came.

My Rig

Armed with a Sony Alpha A850 and the Carl Zeiss 24mm f/2 so as to keep gear to a minimum, I decided to remove my camera strap and camera bag to make sure all I had was the b-grip.

An Italian designed product, I was expecting something like a super car, over engineered and so sporty that it is to uncomfortable for the every day drive to the office. Not quite so. Opening it you will find two main parts. One is the rather heavy duty webbed belt. The other is the actual grip which feels lighter than the belt. Made from plastic I was rather worried about its claim to handle 8kg. A fear that was unfounded and showed that Italian sport design, light material heavy duty.


The entire walk – which sadly saw my camera on the grip more than in my hand shooting – did not see me tired or sore from a camera strap sticking in my neck or shoulder. Yes a strap like the Black Rapid may be quicker to get your camera to shoot but once you know how the quick release system works on the b-grip it works really well and I can’t say I missed a shot by using it, but that’s only if you leave the secondary safety string off. I cannot say I was ever that worried that the camera would come off.

In conclusion, I may just make the b-grip my every photo walk camera carrying rig. Not something I was expecting when I first took delivery of it.

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  1. Indeed Tristan.
    We all had a bag an umbrella tripod and what not,
    you were much more mobile…
    will get one soon!

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