Review: The Digital Photography Book – Vol1 (WIN A COPY)

I recently took the time to go through Scott Kelby’s – The Digital Photography Book Volume 1 – in my search for a good book to recommend novices who have a basics photographic grounding but are looking to get a little bit more out of there images. Here are my thoughts on the book, and be sure to get the details of how you can win your own copy at the end of the review.


The way Scott Kelby introduces this book and explains how its written is in many ways a fresh and exciting approach. In essence this book is not a step by step, teach yourself photography manual. What Scott has done is to teach you photography as if you were standing next to him in the field and you asked him which setting to use to get the background all soft for this portrait. During a shoot no one is going to stop and explain what apertures are and how they work, they will tell you f/2.8 and go for it. That is what you will find in this book.

In essence the book is there to help improve your images right away, the onus is on you to learn the why it works through taking a course or reading one of the any teach yourself photography type books that are out there.

Topics covered in the book range from the basics of how to get sharp images to shooting flowers, weddings, landscapes, sports and people like a pro. There is a chapter on how to take advantage of digital and one on printing and selling “stock” images online.

All in all this is a great book that even more seasoned photographers can benefit from with the odd tip here or there.

The Digital Photography Book (Volume 1)by Scott Kelby retails for around R190.00

ISBN: 9780321474049

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