Review: Windbag Pro – more than a beanbag?

We are blessed in South Africa to have the big five within easy distance for many of us across the country. It is no surprise then that at some point or another our cameras will be used for wildlife photography, indeed it is birds and wildlife that got me to pick up a camera in the first place.

Frequently I get asked by people what is the best way to shoot out of a car when they make their annual trip to the Kruger National Park and with out fail I suggest a bean bag.

Most of us are familiar with the rules of game parks – which many may choose to disobey – that windows are not to be open all the way. Trying to balance most bean bags on the thin window of the car is challenging and this is where the Windbag Pro plays leap frog with it competitors, a testament to South African innovation.

The Windbag Pro has a plastic molded base that slides over the glass of your open window and provides a flat, rectangular platform upon which you attach – by means of velcro- the actual bean bag. Among some of the benefits of this design is the fact that you can drive with it permanently attached to the window. You can also raise the height of the window so your camera is at eye-level.

Available at R295.00 from several retailers like CameraStuff, Orms and OutdoorPhoto, the Windbag Pro is a must have for the casual wildlife shooter heading out to one of our national parks before the end of the year.