Think Tank Retrospective 10 – More Than A Camera Bag

This is by no means a final review, it is more of a fun post so take it in the manner it is intended please. I have a thing for camera bags, its an addiction really and many photographers suffer from it. Many journalists and ‘hard-core’ photographers will tell you that for some of the toughest assignments there has only been one bag for the job, a Think Tank. I have an assignment that perhaps the people at Think Tank did not intend there bags for…

I am a father of of a 2 year old bouncing boy. As often as I possibly can I try to take charge of him to give my wife a breather. At the same time I face the challenge of wanting to carry one bag for camera and child. While a nappy bag has lots of space in it for a camera as well as toddler essentials there is the fact that most nappy bags shout out “I am a nappy bag” and they are not exactly designed to meet ones photographic needs of access, protection and easy carrying.

There are a lot of bags for moms out there that double as nappy and hand bag but not really for photographer and nappy bag for dad. My first day with the Think Tank Retrospective 10 has proven to be a success. It takes a DSLR with lens, flash, several nappies, wet wipes, iPad, snacks and juice for a growing boy (and his dad) plus I still had space for the Sony NEX-5. Best of all it doesn’t scream “Nappy Bag”.

I promise, I will bring you a more photographic orientated review but I was so impressed by this practical world application I just had to share it with you all.

(Just a Note, the image of the bag was taken with the Lens Baby Composer Focus Front on a Tilt Transformer for the Sony NEX-5. Another review in the pipe line.)