adventure – part 2

i realise a little more with every class that every penny i earn from now on will likely be spent on some or other piece of camera equipment. every lens we were introduced to at our last class sounded essential. i’m pretty sure i need at LEAST; a portrait lens, a telephoto lens, a macro lens, 2 ultra wide angle lenses and a fish eye lens as a cherry on the top (and that’s just to start). i haven’t told my husband what lenses cost, i just said “expensive”. for now i’ll have to be content with my little 18mm – 55mm “kit lens”.

as for what i’ve learned to do with my nifty little Canon, it’s quite exciting really. i can now manually choose my focus point. who cares about the leaves in front of my subject, i’ll just push this button, turn the dial and voila! my subject is in perfect focus. of course, i have to make sure i actually want blurry leaves in the foreground. what i’m learning along with the theory is that i need practice, practice, practice!

my absolute favourite part so far is that we learned that photography is “drawing with light”. i really found myself warming to the fact that a photographer is indeed an artist; how we learn to see the colours of light and then capture that light forever. it was quite enchanting to think that a camera “sees” the light differently to how most people do; that a quickly darkening sky is a clear cobalt blue to the camera and to the eye of a photographer, that a white wedding dress can in fact be blue in the shade and that a flourescent light can actually turn you green.

photographers – the great creators of mood!

i’ve taken my camera off “AWB” and am hoping that i can take some great “moody” photographs, capturing the wonders of artificial light for my assignment. if you see a lady pointing a camera at you as you drive down your street tonight, please don’t call the cops. it’s me.