learning to share

i’m one of those irritating “artists” who doesn’t like showing off my work because of how critical i am of myself. seeing my photos in the photo comment mag however, kind of made me go…”hang on a sec, this feels pretty awesome”. i need to keep sharing. i need to open myself up to an onslaught of crits or praise and be equally gracious about feedback in both categories, instead of brushing off any compliments…

…so, i went ahead and uploaded a few of my recent images. as you might notice i have played around with editing a bit:




for some reason i have noticed that some photographers try not to divulge where their photo-shopping (or in my case “gimping”) has helped the creative process.


personally, i think that’s a bit narrow minded. you need a great image before you even begin your editing. editing can enhance a fantastic image. if we carry on trying to hide any editing, we start to become like those people who say “photographers aren’t artists because the camera does everything”.



as a photographer, you preconceive the image. you make the photo in your head before the shutter comes down. and that process is just extended into your editing. if you have no creative vision, editing won’t help you much. right?

some might say “keep telling yourself that”. i will, thank you very much.

my unprofessional opinion counts because this is my blog post.