Photokina Report: Flight Delayed

Ok, this picture of a sunrise is not a German or London sunrise, it still a South African sunrise. Yesterday afternoon we arrived at the airport for our flight to London only to find the flight was delayed for almost 12 hours. So here we are, at the airport waiting to board our plane.

As Greg says, the plane, the sunrise and hot chocolate makes for a perfect picture, except that its not in London.

The itinerary now is arrive in London, rush to make arrangement to get to Germany (we will have missed our train) and hopefully make it to Photokina before the Sony Press Conference. We will keep you posted. What would life be like without a little bit of excitement?

(Picture taken at OR Tambo International Airport with the new Sony Alpha A580, 18-250mm lens using Auto HDR [High Dynamic Range] at 3 EV stop setting)

1 thought on “Photokina Report: Flight Delayed”

  1. I think you are on to something here for a photographic study of how airport areas/regions have an international “no mans” land feel to them – they could be anywhere on earth and it raises the question are there airports that have defining features to the countries they are in?

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