Photokina Report: Sony Alpha SLT-A55 Speed Priority Mode

Sony has introduced a new range of SLT cameras, the A33 & A55. SLT stands for Sinlge Lens Transluscnet. These cameras feature a transluscent mirror. This means that the mirror doesn’t move when you take a picture, the picture is transmitted through the mirror to the sensor. What does this mean in real life? Well the point I am focusing on in this post is the speed priority mode. In this mode you are able to shoot 10, yes thats right ten frames per second.

Here is a video you may already have watched in our post on the Sony Press Conference here at Photokina, if not take look at the difference between 3fps and 10fps, if you have already watched watch it again it’s pretty cool!

Here is a series of still I shot today on Sony’s stand at Photokina 2010. There are 26 shot in this sequence shot at 10 frames per second. The only reason I had to stop was that I was using a slower memory as my fast card was already full of other stuff. But the important thing to note here is that you are only limited by the speed of your card when shooting in high speed, the faster your card the more shots you get. In an ideal world where we could fast enough cards you could probably shoots 10fps all day.