Vega Course – Lesson One

As promised, here is the first lesson report from our gap year teenager. Seems the photography bug is biting from day one. Don’t forget you can win an intermediate course with Vega as well.

How to operate your camera and Time exposure photography

“Understanding your camera equipment is the first and probably most important step, you will take in developing your skill as a photographer”
– Intermediate Photography 2011 Module Manual Revised Edition (2010)

I am Tristan… Tristan Wrench

After my first lesson of the Intermediate Photography Course I now know how to:

• Change lenses
• Set white balance
• Set file sizes
• Set format
• Set the ISO
• Interpret the light meter
• Operate the shutter and aperture
• Take a light meter reading
• Set the Camera to bulb mode
• Set the drive and self-timer
• Change from manual to auto focus
• And how to use a tripod…

From beginning to end, lesson one was helpful and tremendously enjoyable. It covered the basics, of which at first seem really simple but I soon discovered how important these fundamental skills really are. They are the first steps to discovering what true photography really is.

Not only is lesson one great for teaching those who have trouble turning the camera on the basics, but it is great revision for those who are more experienced. Everyone is given a Module Manual, which covers everything in every lesson, which makes learning easier and you can revise the knowledge gained in the course at a later stage, if needs be.

We were taught at a relaxed speed so that everyone could reach the same level – however those who do not have their SLR cameras with them during lesson one will not gain as much as those who do and can explore their cameras during the lesson.
The lessons are well structured so that we do not gain too little or too much out of a lesson. This means that the following lesson isn’t a mind blower or just a nap time. I found what I was taught to be the answers to questions about cameras that I have had for while but could never figure out on my own. I was eager to put my new knowledge to use and get out there to take some award winning photos!

By the way the camera did a good job. It’s a wonderful camera and I can see myself having loads of fun with it during the rest of this course! By the end of Lesson one, I could operate the Canon EOS 350D digital camera…Now to perfect it.