Review: Samsung Galaxy S II – Cameraphone, Photography Tool

The best camera is the one you have on you. Increasingly that statement is referring to the smart phone in your pocket. It was because of this that I made my new phone decision based on the quality of the camera and the functionality the phone would offer relating to the photographs I would take with it. The answer, the Samsung Galaxy S II. Here is why it was the choice for me.

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Pictures From a ‘Township’ School

Recently I was at a school in a formal ‘Township’ settlement in Johannesburg. While I was not there for a photographic reason, I could not help but capture what I saw in this school which could not be more than half a decade old.

In the absence of my camera I was left to use the Nokia N8 cellphone that I was reviewing at the time, it landed up being rather capable for the job.

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Photo Tip: Using a Cellphone for Street Photography

I spotted this video on a blog recently and after watching it, wondered why I had never thought of doing this before. The challenge with Street Photography is not sticking out from the crowd with a large camera that screams, I want to shoot you when you least expect it. While this video (created by … Read morePhoto Tip: Using a Cellphone for Street Photography

Pulling out the Cork on Tech Gadgets

South African Designer Ryan Frank has pulled out cork as a way to protect the precious surfaces of our expensive techno gadgets. Pads, pods, laptops, cells and readers will all be safe from scratches and eco-stylish.  View the sleeves here.