New eBook from Craft & Vision: A Deeper Frame

New eBook Available! A Deeper Frame by David duChemin

By now you may well be aware that we really enjoy the Craft & Vision range of eBooks. At $5.00 (that roughly R35.00 at current rate of exchange) you could skip buying one fast food lunch meal – opting to take lunch instead – and spend that money on a read that will help improve your photography in your lunch break instead. Today the new book A Deeper Frame” by David duChemin has been released. There is also a great deal running with its launch where if you buy a collection of Craft & Vision books before the end of 2 July 2011, you can get between 20-34% off. Check out the full release after the break for more. Plus the new book is being reviewed by Armani as well, that’s coming soon.

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Book Review: VisionMongers by David duChemin

It is my personal belief that almost every photographer out there faces the decision at some point or another, of whether they should charge for their photographs turning a passion into their trade. If you have or are in the processes of making that choice, or if you already are working as a professional photographer, then VisionMongers is the perfect book for you.

David duChemin is an accomplished photographer and author. When I reviewed his book “Within the Frame” I found myslef itching to go out and shoot within the first few pages and so with great enthusiasm I began VisionMongers. Truth be told… this book review is several months overdue. I wanted to consume the pages to their utmost depths before writing the review but life gets busy and it has taken me some time to get to the point where I can type this. I must apologize for that.

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The Weeks Best Websites – 10 July 2010

Our website for the week is PixelatedImage, the home of international photographer, David duChemin. Some of you may recall us reviewing David’s inspiring book ‘Within the Frame’ in our May 2010 issue of PhotoComment Magazine. David’s site has two main parts, his portfolio, and his informative blog. We highly recommend his site, particularly if you … Read moreThe Weeks Best Websites – 10 July 2010

The Weeks Best Websites – 19 June 2010

The Manfrotto School of Excellence is possibly one of the most exciting websites I have come across in recent weeks. Filled with informative articles and tutorials from some of the best in the business, perhaps the best way to explain what it is all about is to share with you a brief intro from the ‘About Us’ … Read moreThe Weeks Best Websites – 19 June 2010