Finding Inspiration in “Visions of Light”

From the darkness, they emerge

It can be very intimidating to do photography or even cinematography these days. It feels like everyone wants to talk about equipment or post processing. There are tons of websites and podcasts telling you what you should use or how to use it, but what about what to do with it once you do have it and know what to do with it? Where should you even begin? How do you find inspiration when your head is full of all this technical jargon, dos and don’ts, rule of thirds, golden triangles and megapixels, oh my!

For me, I went into the vaults and dragged out a documentary I watched when I was in film school many years ago called “Visions of Light” or “Visions of Light: the Art of Cinematography.” It was made in 1992 which is well before movies like “The Matrix” and “Lord of the Rings” came along. It was a simpler time.

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