Touching on Tabs as Photographer Tools

Last year, Greg and I acquired the Samsung Galaxy Tab. The past month has seen me getting an iPad and Greg very recently the iPad 2. You can see our review of both the Galaxy Tab and the iPad2 on our sister site, SA Review. In addition to this, I shared my review on the Galaxy Tab as a tool or toy for photographers over at This Week In Photo.

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[UPDATE] Review: Photogene for iPad

Those of you who listen to me on the podcast This Week In Photo are likely already aware that I have been a big advocate of the Samsung Galaxy Tab, you are also likely aware that I very recently got an iPad as well. I have found that both devices are flawed and my opinion has changed little from that expressed in my review for This Week in Photo here so I wont be going in to that. This post is going to focus on what is in my view, the best iPad app around, Photogene.

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Pulling out the Cork on Tech Gadgets

South African Designer Ryan Frank has pulled out cork as a way to protect the precious surfaces of our expensive techno gadgets. Pads, pods, laptops, cells and readers will all be safe from scratches and eco-stylish.  View the sleeves here.