News Round Up: Kodak Bankruptcy, New Sony Sensor,

There has been little bits of news all over the web in the past week or so. Some of it bigger than others. Like Kodak filing for bankruptcy. It is sad to see a company which was actually rather innovative – after all they practically invented digital photography – fall because it was too scared to cannibalise itself in a time where their film products ruled the roost. Sad thing is, they could have owned the digital market and still had a profitable film business it seems. Read on for more on this and other stories.

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Another One Bites The Dust – Is This The Last Kodak Moment

Look what I found! Konica Centuria film. The expiry date is 08/2005, two years after Konica would cease to exist. It took some persuading from my side before the store owner would actually sell it (and the remaining rolls) to me as he was concerned that it was too far past it’s expiry date. It is kind of like the news today around Kodak. Wall Street Journal is reporting that Kodak is in preparations to file for bankruptcy if their current efforts to sell off their patents does not help save the company.

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Kodak Axes KodaChrome

For generations it has been used to capture everything from family memories to world-changing events. But now Kodachrome itself, Kodak’s oldest camera film, is about to become history. The company has decided to axe Kodachrome as photographers switch to digital cameras. The first commercially successful colour film, which has been in production for 74 years, … Read moreKodak Axes KodaChrome