Served Chilled

I have 27 winters under my belt. Throw in one or two northern hemisphere editions and you could say I’m relatively experienced in that department. But, for the love of sleep, all that experience counts for nothing in the face of this year’s advancing chill and darker mornings. You would have thought that with battles fought hard in places that bare names as chill attracting as Meyerton, Belfast, Standerton and Toronto, I would have been battle hardened by now, but the only thing with a close association to hard here is the ability to get out of bed. These days, come 05h30, I’m left rendered with what feels like a tranquilized body and eyelids glued shut by the toasty warmth of a pillow… and this is only the beginning. Folks in Colesberg or Sutherland would likely think of me as a whimpering city slicker, but should they perish, the morgue may just feel a little warmer then winter’s full assault on their towns.

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