PhotoComment Podcast Episode 003 – Sony NEX-7 Hands On, JYC Accessories and Keeping Camera Dry

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Welcome to Episode 3 of PhotoComment podcast. Today we talk about the Sony NEX-7 which we just got our hands on. We also look at two other accessories we just got our hands on, look at the latest news and finally a tip on keeping your camera dry as the summer showers hit Johannesburg.

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Wildlife Photography on a Southern African Safari – Photographing Buffalo

Buffalo in Kruger Park
Buffalo near Punda Maria camp in Kruger Park

The Cape Buffalo has the reputation of being the most dangerous animal in Africa as they have apparently killed more people than any other animal. The buffalo is a placid animal but if cornered or wounded its first instinct is to attack. Buffalo are common throughout the Kruger Park, are a very rare sighting in the Pilanesberg and are not found in Etosha or the Kgalagadi. The biggest herd we saw was at the Mlondozi dam from the picnic site. This herd was huge and numbered at least 2000. We watched them coming down to drink and they just kept coming – the whole area was covered with black dots that looked like ants.

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This Week, Next Week, A Request and a Health Tip

It has been a rather busy week here as we are wrapping up the August issue of the magazine. There are some great images inside this one with the Student Portfolio coming from an award winning Vega student, a review on a Canon DSLR and… I think I might be saying to much already but it will be out in the first few days of August so sit tight.

With the flu fighting hopefully drawing to an end we can catch up on all the products and other things we have had to review. Look out for our upcoming review on an Olympus camera, The Samsung Galaxy S II superphone, a book or two and that is just the top of the to do list.

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What DSLR To Buy For $600?

There isn’t a day that goes by when I don’t see someone on Twitter asking what camera they should buy, and where possible we like to help out with advice based on the cameras we get to review. At the same time, its difficult to give full reasoning in 140 characters. This post then is a more detailed answer to the question asked by @bakedbyjoanna on the topic of what camera to buy.

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Served Chilled

I have 27 winters under my belt. Throw in one or two northern hemisphere editions and you could say I’m relatively experienced in that department. But, for the love of sleep, all that experience counts for nothing in the face of this year’s advancing chill and darker mornings. You would have thought that with battles fought hard in places that bare names as chill attracting as Meyerton, Belfast, Standerton and Toronto, I would have been battle hardened by now, but the only thing with a close association to hard here is the ability to get out of bed. These days, come 05h30, I’m left rendered with what feels like a tranquilized body and eyelids glued shut by the toasty warmth of a pillow… and this is only the beginning. Folks in Colesberg or Sutherland would likely think of me as a whimpering city slicker, but should they perish, the morgue may just feel a little warmer then winter’s full assault on their towns.

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Photo Tip: A 365 Project With A Theme from hailey bartholomew on Vimeo. The video above was highlighted recently by Digital Photography School whose RSS feed is part of my daily Google Reader Fix. It got me thinking though, we often say shoot with a theme or pursue personal projects to keep you own creative juices flowing, perhaps combining the two can … Read morePhoto Tip: A 365 Project With A Theme

Photo Tip: Share Picture Moments on Mothers Day

This week as we draw nearer to Mothers Day I thought it would be good to remind us that as photographers pictures of ourselves and siblings, or the famed family photo can make a very personal and touching gift. Another idea, look through your photography archive and see if you can find family pics over … Read morePhoto Tip: Share Picture Moments on Mothers Day

Photo Tip: How to Buy a Camera Bag

I thought it was time to share some of my ideas on how to buy a camera bag since I have almost as many camera bags as my wife has shoes and I am certain (thought I should not admit to this) almost more excited by new innovative camera bags than I am about new cameras. The fact is that today photographers are really spoiled  for choice in the camera bag  department and even the biggest stores only stock a fraction of what is on offer. So how do you decide which is the bag for you?

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Photo Tip: Remember to Capture Memories

Photography is fantastic and for many – particularly people like me who cannot draw or paint – its a great form of artistic expression. There are moments where we sometimes need to remember though, that photography is an important medium to document memories or short moments that are never to be repeated again. In such moments is it wrong to simply snap a photo?

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