November 2011 PhotoComment Magazine

In case you have missed the updates on our Facebook Page or Twitter, the November issue of PhotoComment magazine is now out on the counters and shelves of photographic retailers, colleges and clubs across the country. You can also check it out online. We are pleased to announce that the magazine is now in testing for the iPad. If you would like to try it out please use this link but be aware it is still in testing, though we would like your feedback.

Before we dive inside this issue, please accept my apologies for the several typos that crept into this edition. There were more distractions and interuptions than usual in October which had a major impact on our deadline and with a slight bit of dislexia on my side there were some spelling mistakes that slipped through to print which should not have. I promise to be more “Discilpined” in future 🙂 sorry Eric Palmer.

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