Video Walk Through – Sigma USB Dock

Sigma’s USB Dock is now available in South Africa. It allows owners of Sigma’s Global Vision range of lenses the ability to update their lens firmware and adjust micro focus on the lenses. With Sigma’s 120-300mm f/2.8 DG Sports lens, the USB Dock also allows one to setup the two custom shooting modes for things … Read moreVideo Walk Through – Sigma USB Dock

Glass Jar Photo Frames

Recycle Reuse & Repurpose

Glass Jar Photo Frames05-step-5

In South Africa, recycling is a way of life that not very many people incorporate into their daily routine. Partly because we do not have the facilities or many places that offer this service, but mainly because most people are too lazy to think about what happens to their rubbish once they toss it in the bin.

So instead of carelessly dumping your trash, one of the ways you can help give used things a second life, is to reuse your glass jars, and use them as novelty photo frames.

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