Studio Course – Report Back

So four weeks have raced past since I last made mention my new adventure into studio photography. In that time I have been sick (but I still attended the class each Tuesday evening) and I have had to travel to Cape Town and Durban to conduct training. Its been busy.

So finally on Saturday afternoon I was able to arrange to borrow some light and spent so time yesterday shooting odd object in the house and just generally trying to apply some of the things I have learnt. The gallery below has some of the images I took yesterday.

Tomorrow night is the final class. As a group we will have to work out and shoot Still Life, Commercial and Portrait images while the lecturers look on. It is a tad nerve racking. I will say though, that this has been well work the time and effort. I have read a lot of photography books but some things are just beast learnt in person. If you are based in Johannesburg and want to give the course a go, head on over to The College of Digital Photography website for further info.

Here is hoping for the best for tomorrow. In the meantime I think the picture above best describes by experiences so far.