A note from Lexar regarding Memory Cards

Hi Photo Comment,

A memory card is one of the most important tools a photographer needs to capture and reliably store that perfect image. Memory cards are available in a wide variety of capacities, but deciding on an appropriate memory card capacity is easy if you follow a few simple steps:

1. Decide if you feel comfortable storing all images on one memory card. Some photographers prefer to have images scattered on various cards, so if they misplace one they will not have lost everything. Others prefer to not have to worry about switching cards mid-shoot, so they stick with a larger capacity.

2. Decide if you will have access to a transfer source. If you plan to travel and will not have access to a computer to transfer images, a 16BG or 32GB card might work best so you don’t exceed capacity of a
card and miss a shot you need.

3. Decide what you will take with your photos. If you plan on taking video, a larger size capacity is better suited for you. For example, a 32GB CF memory card can hold almost 800 minutes of high-definition

The Lexar website offers many resources for photographers of all skills levels to aid in deciding on a capacity that’s suitable for their needs. The steps above are meant to start the process of choosing the right capacity, but I’d love the opportunity to put you in touch with a representative from Lexar to discuss other steps you
can take in this process.